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Linux Gurus, need some help

Hello all, I have dual booted my XP box with Mandrake 10. I am a total noob with Linux, and am trying to learn the system. Trial by fire is the best way.

I am having trouble Installing Kernel-Source code. I need to do this to install some drivers for my wireless reciever (netgear ma111). The instructions I have are:
Installing Kernel-Source (required for driver installation):
2.Open the console and type:
a.“su” --> enter the root password.
b.“urpmq -r kernel-source”; this should display:
--> kernel-source-2.6.3-7mdk
c.“urpm –i kernel-source-2.6.3-7mdk.rpm” – substitute if the disk used has a later version. Note: only the version shown has been tested.
d.“mkdir /usr/src/linux/.tmp_versions” --> note: driver installation will fail if this directory isn't created.

Everyting goes OK untill I hit C. I assume that urpm-i is a typo and he means urpmi. When I type that, it gives me an error (cant find file, or something like that, I cant remember exactly). I do have a diffrent kernel then the instructions above (2.4.25-2mdk).

Any suggestions for how to proceed? I appreciate anything you can offer.

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