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Mandrake seems to have an rpm command that I'm not familiar with, but...

I assume you're using bash as a shell?

Type this (literally, dollar sign capital shell):
echo $SHELL

You should get back something like this:

If you're using bash or tcsh, you will have command completion. A lot of problems are caused by "fat fingering" commands and mistyping. Command completion helps worlds with this.

First, you must be in the directory the kernel source rpm is in.

and see if the kernel-source rpm is in there.

if it is not, cd to the directory with the source rpm in it.

On your command "C" type
urpm -i kernel-source
do not hit enter. hit the tab key and see if it completes the rpm file for you. If it does, then hit the enter key.

The "-i" in the urpm command means "Install" and is not part of the command, it's a switch.

man urpm
and read the page to see what's going on. Type "q" to exit the man page.

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