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Re: &^*%%$ Windows!

Originally posted by gwalchmai
Just WHO came up with the idea that you wouldn't want to see system and hidden files?

I just backed up an entire HD to a USB HD, then formatted and reinstalled Windows. I got ready to copy the data back from the USB drive and the folder wasn't there . After a few anxious seconds I realized that Windows ridiculous nanny-state, protect-the-user-from-herself, hide-anything-that-might-look-like-a-hidden-folder nonsense had hidden my backup folder!

It makes me wish I had pirated GWBASIC back in '78 just to get even with that little nerd.
i don't have a huge problem with not displaying system and hidden files, because most computer users have no idea what they are. the gui should provide an option to copy hidden files when the view is set not to display them, similar to that switch on the copy and xcopy commands.

the one i never understood is why would you want to hide file extensions for known file types? that's the most retarded default setting.
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