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Re: Re: Tribute to the Memphis Belle

Originally posted by RussP
What did that feel the jumpseat?
It was just flat strange... I'm not used to seeing that much runway go by before rotation, nor seeing a nose down climb!!!! But I have to say it was MUCH smoother than a P-3 . The bird has obviously been used hard and put away wet more than a few times, but it worked like a champ. BG Greg Myers (At the time CG of 2nd Bomb Wing) was the driver and kept pointing out differences between the Navy and Air Force just to rub it in- The other thing interesting, was the juxtaposition of 1950's technology with 1990's technology in the cockpit and systems. The approach into Barksdale took forever by comparison to what I'm used to, and he demonstrated the cambered landing capability (just showing off).

Bottom line, I'm GLAD I only few 12-14 hour missions...LOL

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