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As promised, I have some new data for Winchester WSF.
Same variables as above EXCEPT for the stated powder and 3 samples:

All values are in fps

(7.1 gr WSF)
Avg: 1118
Std Dev: 12
HI: 1139
Lo: 1091

(7.3 gr WSF)
Avg: 1158
Std Dev: 9
Hi: 1176
Lo: 1142

(7.9 gr WSF)
Avg: 1196
Std Dev: 11
Hi: 1214
Lo: 1174

Some observations:
Powder meters very well. All groups were very tight as can be seen by the very low Std Dev's. It does burn a bit on the dirtier side, just likes its cousin 231. Case appearances were normal, and there was no evidence of flattened primers.

I'm not through experimenting with this powder. I do think it is capable of higher numbers. Until next time!

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