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Ok, I cant find this file anywhere. I searched the whole /. It is nowhere to be found. Would it be easier to just get another adapter? I know about as much about wireless networks as I do about Linux (combined, my knowledge is NOTHING).

Can I get a non netgear adapter to work with my Netgear 80211.b router? Can you suggest an adapter that will FOR SURE, work with mandrake 10, and will FOR SURE connect to my router? I would prefer to avoid PCI cards because my PC is in the basement, and the router is upstairs. The signal is lower toward the floor (where the PC is). Currently I have my USB reciever on a 6' extender, close to the ceiling.

So, if this isnt going to work out, is there an adapter that will? HELP! I really wanna start using Linux more, but 90% of my computer usage is on the internet.

Thanks for all the help so far.

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