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Originally posted by G20man32904
Pick the breed that best suits your lifestyle or better yet adopt a dog from the local pound.
The question you are asking is more a product of good training than breed charcteristics. Hope this helps

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Hey, I don't fish.

(but I do like to poke fun at some topics)

But really, I don't want a dog that stinks us up and nobody tells us. Plus, I've developed this unhealthy fear about bringing disease/dirt/etc into the house. So, I'm struggling with what breed to get.

I grew up with tons of animals. But, I've changed since then.

Okay, any breed better/worse around loud noises - ie Gunshots in self defense? Has a police dog ever been known to lose it and turn on his master during a ruckus or gunfight? Or, not be able to be healed if attacking a BG?
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