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Is WinME a POS, or am doing something wrong...

Being the local computer geek, I have the honor of helping my friends when their computers are cranky.

This week I have had two computers, both Gateways, presented to me. Both had winME install. Both have had major problems. Both refuse to easily reinstall. To test the first, I tried to install win@k to eliminate RAM issues. This ran fine. Prognosis -- buy a newer OS.

The second one is the PITA. The owner REALLY wants to keep me. I have now had to reinstall it 2x. I was almost done last time, when out of the blue, the registry was corrupted and now I get to start over yet again!!

I never had this level of trouble with win98, 98SE or anything based on NT. Did M$ just release a complete POS that was a step backwards from 98, or is this more likely a Gateway thing?

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