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I assume you mean personal finance? 'Cos none of my recommendations are any good if you're going to be a portfolio manager. ;f

In this order:

1. The Richest Man in Babylon. This comes first because it's short and inspirational. The advice is not super-specific but if you're just getting off the ground, this is the best place to start. It's written as a series of short parables so it's not dry like most hardcore finance books. From this book you will get the inspiration to get your financial house in order (thereby giving you the incentive to read those dry hardcore finance books) and you will also get a good grounding in the basics.

2. The Wealthy Barber. This is next because it's more specific in terms of what you need to do but it's still written as a story rather than dry advice. The situation is that a group of siblings go to their barber to get financial advice. The barber is a former stockbroker and is doing very well financially (but not from being a stockbroker).

3. The Millionaire Next Door. This one has less nuts and bolts than #2 but will still provide useful information -- and inspiration. I think the most useful part of this book is really the part about how NOT to do things, which is not a subject addressed in detail in the other books.

4. Personal Finance For Dummies. Yeah, I know the "Dummies" books are kinda trite these days but this one is very good. You get most of the nuts and bolts of personal finance in this one.
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