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Originally posted by hwyhobo
Win ME is second worst. The worst was "Bob". ;P
For those of you old enough to remember the old video game "Berzerk,"

Microsoft Bob = Evil Otto

Now, that was a POS. I don't even know if you could consider that OS. It was more like somebody's bad hallucination of a user interface. One way or the other, Win ME is still a puke.
Agreed. It was an attempt by Micro$oft to make Windows 98 more Mac-like, and with awful consequences. It was a resource hog, and still gave memory caching problems, and that Micro$oft took out many of the good features from Windows 98.

The only reason why it was even used, was because it did support Direct X, whereas those using Win NT 4.0 (or earlier) were stuck with DX 3.

Fortunately, Windows 2000 changed all of that, and finally gave the Windows users a real 32 bit operating system that had much better hardware support, as well as DX support. The former was critical, as now many a user of a VIA-chipset motherboard (ugh) could actually get a stable, working system that didn't suffer from the various bugs.
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