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Some new data today
Same setup as previous post(s)

10 shot groups

(8.6 gr WSF)
Avg: 1297
Std Dev: 5
Hi: 1304
Lo: 1291

(8.8 gr WSF)
Avg: 1302
Std Dev: 6
Hi: 1308
Lo: 1294

Some observations:

Well, as you can see I've hit the 1300 fps mark. The 8.6 gr sample is the highest I will load from now on. The 8.8 gr sample had a few flattened primers. So, it's a good indication that things are getting too hot. I'm still amazed at how tight the groups are.

I'm going to include some 357 Sig data extracted from using my G20 with the appropriate barrel @ standard length.

124 gr Speer Gold Dot
Speer Cases
CCI standard small pistol primers
(8.4 gr WSF)

Avg: 1420
Std Dev: 14
Hi: 1434
Lo: 1400

Very good numbers here also.

I'm very pleased with this powder. This will be one of my "base" powders.
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