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Re: Gunsmith's Expertise

Originally posted by Eye Cutter
No, not really, you can use other brands and get exceptional accuracy bec. aftermarket slides and barrels are oversized so you get an incredibly tight fit.

But that is true only if your gunsmith knows what he is doing...

Slides: Caspian, STI, SVI, SPS
Barrels: Kart, Barsto, Schuemann, STI
okay, i'll push this a bit further. what's wrong with an .40 armscor slide and bull barrel? assuming it doesn't break in 500 rounds;Q

for an armscor, i was told that the firing group needs to be replaced, some gunsmithing here and there for reliability and cosmetics. this could probably end up at around 60k

in eyecutter's post last year, sps frame and slide, and schuemann barrel, ed brown parts and sti firing group would amount to 80k, its maybe 90k now.

assuming the armscor is fitted nicely, the only difference between these two options would be....pedigree?;Q

now all of a sudden we need dog city;f
at least buking na si Mando Rugas
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