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Re: Re: Re: Gunsmith's Expertise

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Eye Cutter
Wala! it's not the car, it's Michael Schumacher remember!?!

oo nga pala ;f

wrong! standard parts, meaning a pistol with all SPS parts, you could probably still get it at 100k. if you want to use premium parts, e.g. STI, SVI, Ed Brown, Wilson, Afted, Koenig, C&S, EGW, etc. it's close to 120k already!

maybe i misunderstood your post(below)last year doc. being a 1911 dummy ;Q [/B]

Originally posted by Eye Cutter

yup, same specs. i know that all hi-cap 1911 parts will fit in the sps. PB Dionisio is the philippine distributor. go straight to the PBD range in SFDM, QC and look for Edna, the range manager. The gunsmiths and gunsmithing there are very good. last time i checked, an sps will run you about 80k with full ed brown parts and sti firing group (trigger, hammer, sear and disconnector). this includes a schuemann barrel already. HTH.

hahaha!!! ;f;e Gusto mo ng patch ng dog city? hihingi nga ako kay dogman!

dogman pala ang alias ni joji ha! shooting dogstyle ;f

An option is to get an Armscor frame kit then build your pistol using all premium parts. You'll end up with a true custom built pistol to your specs! Mag-ipon ka ng piyesa tapos pabuo mo pag complete na! ANg mabigat dyan e yung gunsmithing fees which can run to 15-20k depending on who your smith is.

assuming 20k gunsmith+ 24k armscor + other parts hmmm...yaiks!
at least buking na si Mando Rugas
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