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Originally posted by G-20er
BuffaloBo great data and thanks for taking the time to share. Have a I found load data for the WSF Powder but it lists 6.2 grains as max charge for your bullet. That means your 8.4 charge is 35% higher than max. What am I missing? I was always under the impression there was a 10% safety margin above max loads listed but not 35%. see page 23 for further information

Leads me to believe I can get more out of my reloads as long as I back down 5% after I see smileys on the brass.

Any info would be appreciated, or send a private message if necessary.

Thanks, I enjoy doing it. The load data for the 200 gr bullets was built upon what I was doing with the 180 grs.
Before I get too far into it, you may have noticed that most, if not all loading manuals post VERY conservative max charges. It's predominantly due to the potential of unwanted lawsuits from people blowing up guns, hands, eyes, etc..

Out of all the manuals that I've checked out, it appears that Speer 12-13 manuals have the highest numbers, but in fact, are still somewhat low for the potential of most cartriges that they list. Also, from my empirical results I've noticed that some powders are underrated and some are overrated. For example, Blue Dot is overrated and Unique is underrated. So, take everything with a grain salt. When I first started loading I naively thought that because a powder was not listed, it meant that it was not necessarily suited for a particular cartridge/load. The fun that we have as reloaders, is, we can mess around with powders that are not listed in books. As we become more experienced with this craft, we get a feeling of powder types and burning speeds and can make pretty good educated guesses on the potential of powders with particular cartridges.

The 180 gr load was cautiuosly built up with only a very crude method of determining "pressure" signs, i.e. flattening of primers. The fact that I use a KKM barrel with a well supported barrel precludes me from looking for "Glock Smileys". I started by dropping back about 5% of the max load of WSF listed in Speer 12. I compared what I chrono-ed to what Speer 12 said, and found that by dropping 5% gave me just 2fps less than their max. Their test conditions, equipment, enthusiasm, etc, can be radically different from ours.

I then continued to bump up the charge weights slowly and checked what the primers looked like. I settled on 8.6 gr because the next load at 8.8 gr began to flatten the primers.

In building the 200 gr load, I backed off about 6% of my max 180 gr load. The numbers are about what the old Norma 200 gr loads were. I think that there is a little more to be squeezed out with this powder.

As always, be careful with working up loads. If you don't have a chrono, I'd advise that you get one to see the "fruits of your labor". You'd be surprised with the wild discrepancies between what you do and what they post as results.
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