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Great info and thanks again. I agree with what your saying; however, I usually put a limit of 10% over max as my personal max charge. Interesting to hear that some powders are over rated, I'll be more careful.
Yes I do have a chrono and I have posted data under the Hodgon section. I was working with LongShot and went approximately 10% over max charge which was around 9 grains for the 200gr XTP. Velocity never went much higher than the 8.2 load but what caught my eye was that the ES and SD were getting lower with the 9gr load. In the past I have always found that each powder has its sweet spot so to speak and it usually occurs when the ES and SD are at their lowest. Then just a little over this is where you do no good and only run into pressure signs. Do you agree?
Take a look at the data listed in that section and let me know what you see. I have studied it for hours. All shots fired didn't have flattened primers and never had 1 smiley. The only markings on my brass which every piece had was a small dent/crease about 1/4 inch below top of brass. The dent is only about 1/8 inch long. I think its from the enternal parts of the gun during retraction of brass.

Reloading is an art and I'm loving it. Thanks for being bold and sharing what most people won't.
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