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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Eye Cutter
[B]Both have rollers. I have the older 771 model, w/ the open front. its very secure and at the same time very easy to pull the next mag out for reloads.

the model 773 is an improved version. the 773 keeps the bullets inside the mag from coming out preventing a botched reload or worse, a misfeed. it also has a lower profile design for faster clearing of the mag lip.

i had the 773's before on my levitation belt set up (hinde pala porke mahal levitation maganda;g ) medyo malapad lang sya ng konti kaysa sa 771 at medyo short sya. i settled with my 771 kasi mas advantage sa akin yung openings on the front but i did had to buy extra stuff like collin tension knobs and arredondo rollers para super tight and nice..if i have to start all over again id get the CR speed because of the tension knobs and hinde sya magazine specific you can use them on STI para or glocks. spacers lang ang katapat...but in the end its a matter of personal choice..
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