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You're a hell of a guy, G20!;c

Thanks for this thread!

Your advice has already helped me quite a bit. Took your advice on the crate, put the divider back in. took the fleece pad out for a week. Also, covered the crate with a blanket (except the front). Keep him on the leash with me around the house (or attach leash to couch if I'm watching tv).

Everything is going well except for alone time. He makes it through the night fine in the crate as long as I'm in the room. No whining, no accidents. But if I leave for even a minute, he starts whining. Any longer than that, and he barks and cries nonstop. If I am gone more than a half hour or so, he'll pee in the crate.

Is there any way to get him over being such a wimpy guy about being alone?
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