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Hey scowan,
Glad to help out partner, afterall that's what this place is about right??;f

Ok, here we go, he needs confidence. Now the way to get there is no harsh corrections (either verbal or leash) and he should be wearing a buckle type collar (not a metal choker). He also need to learn his commands ASAP. These must be kept short and fun with minimals "no's".
I really like to use food rewards (something small and soft, I personally get best results with liver boiled then chopped in the size of mm's then frozen in ziplocks for future use) with pups because it keeps their interest and makes it tons of fun. Start with "sit" then the "down" command. It is extremely important to use voice inflections to keep it positive and fast paced!! Use a high pitched "good boy" and it must be real!! If you try to fake it he will know and will not be as enthusastic as he could be and will soon tire from this "training".
Praise CAN NOT BE OVER EMPHASIZED!! We will go deeper in the commands phase later, right now we need to work on this peeing thing.

If you are not already using a water bottle on the crate go with that instead of a bowl. Before preparing to leave take him outside on the leash for 5-10minutes. Pick a time and stick with it. When I was a smoker I gave my dog the time it took for 1 smoke and thats it. Whatever time length you choose, keep it consistent no matter what.
Keep this in mind, it takes 2 hours for a dogs body to process water and 4-6 hours to process food. So what we want to do is make sure he will empty at least 30minutes prior to your leaving. This means no water 3 hours before you leave the house. He only needs water maybe 5 minutes at a time 3-5 times a day day unless you have him running around (which you shouldn't because he is on the leash tied to you, right? ).

Ok this one will require some time but here is the deal, after making sure he is empty, put him in the crate and grab that can we talked about and set it outside the door to where ever he is. Then walk outside. As soon as you hear him start to cry rush back inside and fling his door open and calmly, quietly, and firmly give him a "NO" followed by the stare down contest. Very important, do not let him win these contests, stare him down.... As soon as he looks away, let your entire being change to "good boy" with normal influctions. Then immediately turn and leave again. Use the can as a last resort here or after about 5 attempts with just verbal corrections.

Another very imprtant point is dont get into the habit of long goodbyes and immediate hello's when you walk in the door. Ignore him for 10minutes or so upon returning home unless he is crying, whinning then a verbal no and a stare down contest until he looks away.
Repeat this varying the length of time of your returns. Sometimes it will be necessary to have someone drive your car down the street while you stay and listen for him to cry out.
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