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Not bad!

Not as good as Dean's kB FAQ, but not bad.

Unsupported chambers may contribute to case failures, and case failures may contribute to kBs? Beats me. More support is better than less (until it interferes w reliability anyway) but enough is all anybody really needs. Glocks have enough for the FBI, DEA, Marshals, ISP, etc.

Good point though. Many of ruptured bbls I have seen (in Glocks, USPs, 1911s, Berettas...) did not rupture at the bottom position where the case had the least support. Many were on the sides or tops of the chamber... and lets not forget "38 Super Face" in 1911s was around long before kBs in Glocks, and 38 revolvers blew up plenty of cylinders too.

I _still_ think (but can't prove) the 40 cases were, and still are, failing more in all guns than the 9/45 ever did though. The 40 case may be closer to the edge where it gets interesting when you or the manufacturer mess up enough? AND the Glocks may be closer to the edge than some other designs too for a variety of reasons that are not "defects". So what? Live w it; plenty of good benefits that outweigh that risk (if any). ;b
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