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Re: Young Glockers II

Originally posted by scarlet.begonia
Ok that sounds like it shouldn't be too difficult. But i have a couple more questions...
(1) How do i get people to vote?
(2) Who do i go to after i get votes?
(3) How do i prove i have these votes?
I am very excited about this. The GSSF is one of the very few things i am able to share with my father. The once-a-year bonding that we have is very precious. Being able to be a part of something on Glock Talk will only make sharing our common hobby that much more precious.


Scarlet ~2
1. You can ask and/or you can put it in your sig line. Posting requests in other forums is discouraged. We'd much rather you do it in this forum, preferably in one thread.
2. I set up the clubs. You can contact me.
3. People post their vote so everyone can see and count them.

For more info on getting a club going, check here -> or contact me if you have any questions.
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