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Canon Digital Rebel or Nikon D70???

I currently have an EOS 10s. Like it, but am not super happy with Canon's EF lenses. Slow (f-stop), and loud, and the zoom is "slippy" on the 70-210. Have the 35-105, f:45-56 (dayum, that's slow), and the 70-210 f:4, and a nice Quantaray flash.

Well, I would like to go digital SLR. I am conflicted. Have been a Canon guy since I got my AE-1 in junior High. I already have Canon accessories.

But I have read that the D70 is a better body and the kit lens is head and shoulders above the kit lens on the Canon. Nikon lenses are apparently not that much more $ than Canons (I thought the difference would be much greater), and seem to be faster for the price.

As I write this, I seem to be convincing myself to start over again with Nikon, but my cheapness and comfort with the brand says stick with what you know and already have extra goodies for.

I don't want this to turn into a Ford/Chevy, 9/.45 thread! I just want some help making a good decision.
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