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muscles brings up a good point. Since you have a lot of Canon equipment sitting around and you're willing to spend the bucks on the D70, check out the 10D. I believe that is the model my dad has and it's quite a piece of art. He uses it mostly at airshows where he can fire off 10 shots without skipping a beat. It uses the EF mount, which I believe several other Canon AF film SLRs use, so you may have some. It's now discontinued, but you should still be able to find them easily online. The new 20D is scheduled to take the 10's place sometime, but I'm not sure when. Check out DPReview for reviews on pretty much all digital cameras available, discontinued or not.

However, if the EF system is getting you down, I suggest going in a totally different direction: Minolta. Ever since my girlfriend's mom gave me an old SRT101, I've been a HUGE Minolta fan. I was hoping they'd make a DSLR and apparently the Maxxum 7D slipped under my radar. It's a 6 mp and incorporates the anti-shake device in the body itself (which I assume makes the need to buy special lenses a moot point). If the lenses it uses are anyting like the ones I use on my Maxxum 5 then I'm sold already. They're very fast to AF, and the focus ring automatically returns to infinity upon switching the camera off, thus shortening the lense (I don't believe Nikon nor Canon does that, so it's worth noting). Here's a link if you're interested: Minolta Maxxum 7D
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