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i'll throw in on this G20...thanks!

how do i get my puppy to lay down?

i've tried pretty much everything i can think of...i'll tell her to sit, and she does it 99.9% of the time. i say 'down,' and she looks at me like wtf? she has no problem being led down, especially when there is a treat waiting for her at the bottom.

also, how to i get her to come EVERY time when i call her? if she has something else in mind, she resists. if she is outside and i want her in, i'll call her...she'll look at me and lay down (if she doesn't wanna come in). similarly, if i'm leaving for work and say 'cage,' she lays down right away...i have to pick her up and lead her to it.

she knows what i want, she just resists a bit i think. one time when she was about 11 mo/old she ran out the door when i was moving in. she grew up previously in the country where running out the door wasn't a big deal, then she got into a city environment where running out the door meant the sidestreet was 20 ft. away. anyways, as soon as she got out i shouted her name and said DOWN! ....she dropped to the ground about 5 ft. from the porch and waited for me to get to her. shes a really smart puppy, which is probably the problem

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