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Hey Ender glad to help out
how do i get my puppy to lay down
From your post I gather that you have got into the habit of saying down more than 1 time. This absolutely can not happen if you want her OB to be 100%. This is where the human training comes in. You have to get yourself mentally prepared for this and put the leash on her. Get her into the sit position, then tell her down 1 time!!!! When she doesn't go down have the leash under your foot going up towards your hand so that when you apply upward pressure on the leash it forces her head down gently. As soon as she hits the floor reward her with a treat from a hidden location (back pocket). If she is resisting going down (which she most likely will) give her a quick, sharp, NO, down. Notice the no is in caps and the down is not? the emphasis is on the No while the down should be in normal tone. Practice this and you will see its harder than it sounds. Lots of praise when she does it!!

how to i get her to come when called EVERY time when i call her?
The secret to this one is every time you call her it must be positive. Since she is already past a year I know this has not been the case. You have 2 options here a long leash (30-50ft) or an elctronic collar. Before the lib's on here start bashing me for an electronic collar saying its cruel and this and that, I will say this: Every Police K-9 I have come in contact with has been trained with one. For off-lead Obedience there is nothing better.
If you wish to use the long leash then everytime she goes outside put her on it and tie the other end somewhere close to your outside door. Call her back in when you are ready and if she doesnt come, start reeling her in. When she gets in, reward her lavishly with praise and maybe a small treat 30% of the time.
The key to this is everytime you tell her to come, You must be able to enforce it by reeling her in or a remote correction. If you tell her to come and you have no way to enforce the command, she wins. It takes about 30 of your wins to equally her 1. So if you have done this 100 times with her in the yard it will take you about 3000 reps before she realizes she cant win anymore and she will have to come to you. The more positive you make it the quicker she will learn to accept this.;z

Good luck and if need clarification on any of this let me know. ;f
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