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Originally posted by G20man32904
When she doesn't go down have the leash under your foot going up towards your hand so that when you apply upward pressure on the leash it forces her head down gently. As soon as she hits the floor reward her with a treat from a hidden location (back pocket). If she is resisting going down (which she most likely will) give her a quick, sharp, NO, down.
I'm not a trainer, but as a second option, a trainer gave me a way to teach "down" that worked very well with my dog. My dog did not react well to any pulling on the leash, so I had to find an alternate way.

Put you palm flat on the ground with a treat underneath it. The dog will naturally lay down to see if he/she can get under your hand. Right as he/she lays down, state the command and remove your hand so they can get the treat. Repeat about 10 times, then try giving the command without your palm on the ground, but DO use the motion of your hand going towards the ground. If he/she doesn't understand, put a treat under your palm, say the command while putting your hand towards the ground, and wait for them to lay down then reward.

This way, they are more aware of the action they are taking. I guess it's called "making the dog think", or something along those lines. Like I said, I'm not a trainer, so I have no idea if there are negative consequences of this; I only know it worked with my dog! Good luck!



Finally, to my question..Do you know of a good way to train courage? My dog is afraid of so many things it's ridiculous. Don't laugh at me, but recently I bought a remote control car, knowing he would be afraid of it. I put it near the entry way and slowly inched it towards us. Naturally, he ran away and hid under the table. He doesn't do this with people or other dogs; He'll bark and act like he's going to attack. But for some reason, non-biological objects such as plastic bags, blowdart guns, or knives scare the crap outta him.

Back to the remote control car; I got down on the ground with him acting like we were going to 'take it out'. It worked, he started barking at it but stayed right next to me.. It seems like a ridiculous way to train. ;f Any suggestions to build his courage?
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