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Originally posted by G-20er
oh my gosh...I read the entire post...not that I gave a care about the cheasy powder your wasting your time with, I was hoping to hear some good stories. This post is way to this your other personality? It has got to be....hello, BuffaloBo where did you go.


Can't you see your going the wrong direction on the powder burn speed chart? I'm still curious as of what powder is your favorite and why.
Well, the reason why I checked this powder out is not to exclusively see what it can do in 10mm, but to see what it can do in a variety of calibers. I shoot a total of 5 pistol calibers. I check out powders not primarily for raw speed, but more so for versatility, or in this case "Universal-ity" (pun intended).

It is argued that Universal is the heir apparent of the "lowly" Unique. Since they are similiar, I thougth to see how they compare. I wasn't straying but a tiny bit the other way of the burn rate chart. I hope you don't think that I'd be crazy enough to push this powder to extreme limits to show that it's "possible". If YOU don't feel comfortable in pushing where it seems possible, I certainly won't call you a wuss.

No, I don't have another personality. I believe, however, that certain powders that I've worked with previously had the ability to be pushed farther than what are listed by conservative compilers of data.

What kind of stories were you hoping to hear, anyway? I consider myself to be a thorough and safety conscious field tester. I examine EVERY case thrown from a pistol for signs of trouble. BTW, I know that you're being humorous.

My favorite powder? -Don't have just one. Included among them are (not in any particular order): Blue Dot, Winchester Super Field, AA#7, Unique, and Winchester 231. If I get a single powder to perform well in at least 3 cartridges, I am well pleased. All of the above, with the special exception of W231, which is relegated to low pressure plinkers for powder puff 40's and 38 specials, leave me feeling well pleased.

If I was to be given the choice of a single powder to use, I'd give the nod to either Unique, or then to WSF.

Oh, and by the way, to anyone who may be interested, MY results show that Unique trounces Universal.;f ;a
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