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I thought I made myself clear in my previous post?

I honestly couldn't contrast or compare your five choices with anything I've used because I've never used any of your choices.

My choices come down to a compromise between versatility and velocity.

In 9m using a 124 Gold Dot:

Unique: 1180 fps @ 6.0 gr
WSF: 1260 fps @ 6.2 gr

In 40 using a 180 gr FMJ:

Unique: 1107 fps @ 6.9 gr
WSF: 1086 fps @ 6.6 gr

In 357 Sig using a 124 Gold Dot:

Unique: 1401 fps @ 8.0 gr
WSF: 1418 fps @ 8.4 gr

Finally, my results for 10mm are recorded in this forum for inspection.

As you can see, these are very good numbers. They may not be the absoulute TOP numbers to be had, but it shows you that these 2 powders are capable of excellent results.

Remember, I also mentioned Blue Dot and AA#7 as favorites also. Blue Dot is excellent in all except 9mm. AA#7 has given extraordinary results in all of the above, with the exception of 2 little things. First, it requires more charge than any other powder I've used for similiar effect. Second, I noticed slight "smilies" when I started to push the 40's.

Won't you share your reasonings with us?
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