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I shipped it out the afternoon of 9/24 Priority Mail Insured with Delivery Confirmation along with the slide (bought the Trijicon front and Novak tritium rear w/installation and zeroing, processing was concurrent and what the heck, they need the barrel anyway for this). Came back this afternoon 10/8 via FedEx priority overnight. Two weeks round trip works for me.

About sending 'em back--Corbon 115 +P JHPs were hanging up on the feed ramp after the first shot with a topped-off mag if I didn't slap that mag home (if I pressed it home gently, I think the round crept forward a tad in the mag lips, precipitating the hangup). Now if it had been my habit to slap 'em home I'd never have known there was a problem until some day when I didn't. Or my wife didn't. Not good! Or had I been shooting another kind of JHP with a different profile I'd never have known.

When MS offers an XP patch, I install it. So I know for sure that even if I hadn't gotten a hangup, I'd have sent it back. Things are pretty serious when a small company like Kahr is going out of their way to do all that work free and springs for all that shipping. Not that Colt ever recalled any Commander to throat it (haven't bought one of those since the late 70s, and guess why), but how many of those are they selling these days compared to Kahrs?

Now about the ramp, I clean every new gun before shooting it, and as I cleaned my PM9 I was squinting skeptically at the ramp. It looked like some kid with a Dremel had polished it with a rubber cone, all random swirlies. When I got my new or fixed barrel back, the ramp was pro-level slick and there was a new softness to the chamber/ramp transition.

I won't know how it shoots 'til later, possibly not 'til the local IDPA compact match on the 23rd, but considering it was darned close to being OK, I think it'll finally do. Anyway what's two weeks out of the life of the gun spent getting it street-reliable? My two cents.

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