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Son we thought was going to Turkey, no...

Now headed to Afghanistan...

His momma is not taking the news real good.

Here is his email to his Mom.

Don't be sorry. I started down a path 20 years ago that got me into this, and it was all voluntary. Although the reasoning for me going does not seem to make sense, this is all part of a bigger plan someone has for me. I have always believed thing happen for a reason, but as I get older I believe it more. And guess what, someone has been watching out for me over the years or I am an extremely lucky guy, because I have had too many great things happen to me over the years.

{Wife's Name} and I have been through this before and we will get through it again. There are many differences this time. Last time the world had no idea how the war would end up. This time, going at this point, there is more known about how this will all end. Last time I left a young wife who I had just started a life with. This time I leave a family that I have not finished influencing and developing, although some of them would argue I have no influence. Last time there was no date to come back, this time at least we know 18 months. As I told the kids, this is a little harder because they have not seen others around them go away to war, but we are not the first family to go through this and we won't be the last. As unfortunate as it appears, it will be a defining time in all our lives and we will all be better for what we go through.
That's all...

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