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I had the chance to shoot some of my reloads of a Chrono tonight, and I thought I might as well share the results with you. I've only loaded a couple of hundred rounds so far, so it may be that my powder charges aren't that precise, though I've tried to keep them constant.

All of these are average for 4-5 shots (few errors from the Chrony):

190gn Privi FMJ
COL 1.255"
Glock 20 stock barrel
VithaVuori N105
Winchester Large Pistol primers
New Starline brass

VVN105 - Avg FPS - StdDev

11.0gn -- 1180 ----- 9
11.3gn -- 1198 ---- 18
11.6gn -- 1210 ----- 7
11.9gn -- 1210 ----- 7
12.5gn -- 1275 ---- 18

My 'easy load' that I plan to use for standard class IPSC nicely met it's expectations:

8.5gn ---- 914 ---- 39

Which is PF 174, though the deviation is a bit high.

I couldn't quite match the 240gn @ 1285fps my girlfriend is shooting though... ^8
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