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Well, yesterday we had a family get together for the oldest son headed to Afghanistan.

He still doesn't know his final duty station there. He reports to Germany on the 15 November where he'll unseal those orders. For anyone who is not familiar with that process, it is a strange feeling to have a sealed envelope with orders inside to an unknown destination with instructions in bold red print that read "OPEN ONLY UPON PRESENTATION TO..." and there was usually a senior officer's name. For me and my counter-parts, it usually meant we were going somewhere "special" and I don't Disneyland "special" either.

He is the only one from his reserve unit going; it is a "by name request" as he put it. And the mission now is "intelligence and security." When he said that I frankly didn't want to know anymore because then when his mom asks, "What do you think he's doing?", I can honestly say he didn't give me enough details...

I can honestly say to any man or woman under his command, "You are fortunate, for the Major is going to look after you and get the job done the right way: He hates losing in a big way. You'll always know where you stand with him, and he will earn your respect."

Please continue to keep him and all our men and women in Service in your prayers...



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