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The Wheel Of Time

Is anyone currently reading, or have you read, this series? I am currently on book 8 of 10 (The Path of Daggers).

what has been your favorite book of the series so far and why?

i don't remember exactly which book it is, but my favorite is when Rand first goes to the Aiel and Rhuidan (sp?) and you learn the truth about the Aiel's past.

who is your favorite character and why?

i would say my favorite character is either Rand or Perrin. i like the humility of Perrin, but i also like how Rand will not hesitate to do what needs to be done.

what do you think of the Aes Sedai?

i, personally, don't like them much as a group. they all act like they are better than everyone else just because they can use the One Power. therefore, i really love when Rand puts them in their place.

what do you think of the Asha'man?

i love this group. they are dedicated soldiers, but they are still personable (unlike the Aes Sedai).

one thing, though, that i have noticed and not particularly enjoyed about Jordan's works is that he builds up and builds up and builds up a confrontation between the protragonist and the antagonist, yet when the battles actually occur it's over VERY quickly! how about some more length to it? this kinda annoys me as i am reading this series.

anything else you'd like to chime in that i haven't mentioned so far?
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