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Originally posted by fnfalman
I see these stupid bastards all the time on the Los Angeles freeways doing wheelies in the middle of 80MPH traffic.
We've got our share of them in Houston too. Although it wasn't a wheelie, I was surprised by a sport bike on the way to work yesterday morning. I keep an eye peeled to the rear just from force of habit but I never saw this guy coming...

All of a sudden I had a side mirror full of a side-by-side headlight and this guy went whizzing by me about 10-15 over my speed (and I was doing almost 80) and was just cutting from lane to lane to lane threading his way through the traffic.

While I enjoy spirited driving/riding as much as anyone I think behavior like that is what predjudices the general public against riders. All it would take is one careless driver to make a lane change without signaling and smash this guy into mush. If he went down in that kind of traffic he'd probably get run over numerous times before traffic could come to a halt. ;P
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