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I have been reading these books for what seems like an eternity. Started with book one back in 1993 or 1994. The series was great until about book 7 (Crown of Swords) I think Jordan got bogged down here with too many characters, too many subplots, and trying to put everything in to a book that isn't 2000 pages. So, what you ended up with was a series of long books with less and less actually happening due to the excessive information on excessive plots with excessive characters. The last book out, Crossroads of Twilight, takes place in the span of a week or so, or maybe a couple of days. Don't remember. Anyway, after about 1000 pages absolutely nothing gets accomplished. I was quite frustrated after reading that book. I mean you wait three years for it to come out and then nothing happens, nothing gets accomplished and you are where you were before you read the damn thing. Hopefully he gets things moving again with the next book due out, which is entitled "Knife of Dreams". I was unhappy with this latest offering, but after ten years of reading it is still a good series and I think will be worth it come the last installment. Here is hoping it doesn't take another ten to finish it.
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