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Fire Academy Offers EMT-B Courses (Coral Springs, Florida)

Just got the quarterly publication for our city in the mail today. I was looking through it and found this article on the EMT-B courses. I found it timely in light of this forum being opened up. Thought I would share the article for you. I'm very proud of our guys and gals who help keep our city safe. ;?

Please, please, please forgive typing errors. I typed out the whole article and, although I ran it through a spelling test, I'm not the best at proof-reading.

The City of Coral Springs has the distinction of being the first city licensed within the State of Florida to offer an Emergency Medical Technician Basic Program for future firefighters.

The Emergency Medical Technician Basic Program - or EMT-B - now gives firefighters the opportunity to train right here in Coral Springs, without having to withstand waiting lists at local community colleges and private medical training facilities.

Firefighters must possess both Firefighter and EMT-B training in order to be employed within the State of Florida.

"The biggest advantage to having the training here is that we can schedule classes so that when one of the two EMT or firefighting classes are completed, students can start the new class without having a break in between," Chief of Training Richard Stover, who also serves as the Coral Springs Fire Training Academy's Program Administrator, said.

The EMT-B program provides basic training for emergency assessment and stabilization of patients with non-advanced life support. EMT-B training can be a daily, 12-week program, or training can take up to six months if taken twice a week in the evenings.

The process of becoming certified as an EMT-B training center requires licensure by the Florida Department of Education Commission on Independent Education and approval by the Florida Bureau of Emergency Medical Services in Tallahassee.

The task of getting both licensure and approval by both agencies fell to Battalion Chief Vincent Locurto of the training division. The process of getting licensed by the Commission on Independent Education became a daunting job, requiring reams of paperwork and many hours of stydying and interpreting the State laws and rules of the Department of Education.

"Since we're the first city in the state of Florida to be able to do this, we're the pilot program. We're breaking new ground for this type of training," Locurto said.

Sixteen students graduated from the first EMT-B class on August 21. Meeghan Hoxie is one of those graduates, and is finishing her training in the Coral Springs Fire Academy. Her experience in the EMT-B program was a positive one because she learned from those who save lives every day.

"Coral Springs is an extremely busy department with regard to the number of medical calls coming into dispatch on a daily basis," Hixie said. "The ability to learn from instructors who utilize the critical skills necessary to meet this demand is an extremely valuable resource for students looking to enter this filed."

"The work-related experiences they bring into the classroom proves a hands-on perspective with regard to quality patient care," she added.

The next EMT-B class is slated to begin in October.

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