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Tactical Medicine by H&K last week!!!!!

I just got back into town last night after a week in San Diego. I was attending the Heckler and Kock training for Basic Tactical Medicine. The class was attended by physicians, medics, PA's and military. I have to say, if ANY of you are considering tac-med to support your area SWAT/SOT teams, this is the class you want. The instructors were top notch both on the medical side and the weapons/tactical side.

We had instruction in pistol (HK USP) and subgun (MP5). Many scenarios in the shoot house to practically put into play what learned in class. The last day on our testing, we used Simunitions in the scenarios. This really made you pucker!

I recently started to volunteer for our county SWAT team for their tac-med as the team physician. There are three paramedics on the team and they are operators as well as medics. Great bunch of guys, excellent medics and the operators are tough.

I would encourage anyone to talk to your area SWAT/SOT and offer your medical services to them. I think you will find that they would love the on site help if anything goes bad. If you pursue this, then the H&K program is they one to attend!

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