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Originally posted by Mr.GLOCK19
i shouldn't have read this . . i always wanted a glock, i finally get one, an you guys are tellin me it might K.B . . in my hand? .. what ammo do i NOT use? . . i use hydra shocks, and there are a few I.Q's in there too.. any comments on the IQ bullets.. 65 grn? i shoot the cheap bullets at the range an keep the H.S an I.Q for self defence.. is that the right thing to do.? . . i do that with my rugerp90.. and its been fine.. but you got me worried about my glock19 now.. any comments are welcome.. ;P
WalterGA would prescribe Paxil. I'll just say STOP WORRYING! Don't shoot (naked) lead bullets. Don't shoot commercially reloaded ammo from some guy at a gun show. Don't shoot your friend's reloads. Buy Factory ammo. If you reload, do so carefully.

It is true that the big ammo factories occasionally make a mistake, but such mistakes are rare. It is also true, as Walter has pointed out, that a case failure is NOT a KB! Glocks don't blow up unless subjected to excessive pressure. ALL guns can blow up if subjected to more pressure than they were designed to handle.

At the range I go to, there is a display case behind the counter which holds two big S&W N-frames and a bull-strong Ruger Blackhawk. All had serious KB! events. It can happen to any gun.

Millions of Glocks in this country consume hundreds of millions of rounds (collectively) each year safely. I have personally fired over fifteen thousand rounds through my various Glocks, including my reloads, in the past two years. None of my Glocks has blown up.

Relax and enjoy your Glock. Shoot it often. You are the owner of one of the finest, if not THE finest, fighting pistols available. ;c
A forum with WalterGa is a more informative, funnier, and more interesting place.

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