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Originally posted by lucky8926
You just have to rub it in that you are going to have yours before I get mine!! I'm still trying to get my stupid temp/humidity problem figured out. I'm not going to get one until everything is perfect. What breeder did you go through? Those are really nice looking BP's!!^c
well, YOU were the one who started a thread about snakes which peaked my interest into getting some again... so it's all you're fault. ;f ;f ;f

i'm not sure who the breeder is. i'll have to ask the hubby (he found him and made all the arrangements). i think he's somewhere in PA.

right now we're just trying to decide where to put them. my mother-in-law, who babysits for us every wednesday when i go to work, said she wouldn't come over if we had snakes in the house, so we can't have them set up "in the open."
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