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There was about a month after I finished my OSUT training where I was waiting to go to Airborne School. They did not know what to do with us, so we just lived in the training barracks in the "Platoon Lounge" The Col. didn't want us hanging around all day, so me and another soldier got assigned to work at the Santiago Fitness Center until we left for Airborne School.

Since we were considered "real" soldiers, they didn't make us do lots of things that we did as recruits. Basically we sat in the office and watched TV all day, and then went to the PX, bought some beer and drank it on the roof of the fitness center at night. We had a Sgt. 1st Class who was the NCOIC of the fitness center who was cool as could be, and a very decorated Infantry Soldier. He would hang out with us on the roof at night and drink beer. After I finished all of my training and did some time overseas, I came back to Benning as part of the Training Cadre..I stopped in to check on the Sgt, and was told that he had stabbed some guy in a bar fight on Victory Drive, and was in jail waiting to be tried. He called me a few months later and told me that they dropped the charges against him.

But, Benning wasn't a bad place at all after you were out of training there. Only one thing that I REALLY did not like about it....the fact that it was 90% male population!
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