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Want to get REALLY PO'ed?!

I hear from trusted sources that the game has been complete for almost two years.

The reason they did not release it in March of 2003 was because they wanted to put this activation scheme into it.

Seems they had invested over $30 Million in the game up to that point, and figured it might be fun to spend another TEN MILLION US to put this lovely, value-added feature into the game.

When you figure in all the people who will not directly pay for it (ATI Radeon customers) their profit margin dwindles even more.

Soon it will be cracked properly...and then I will play it. Non not as Warez...I'll gladly pay for it.

The fact is that I simply refuse to let them audit my PC in order to see if I can pass muster, in essence leaving it up to THEM to decide if I am worthy of playing this pile of code they have hmmmmed and hawwwed around with for half a decade!

And we thought CD Copy Protection was bad...I have boycotted all things Valve until this is fixed, and I have suggested that everyone else do the same.
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