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Originally posted by Mr.GLOCK19
LoL.. . i'll try not to worry .. . and i'll have to look into the paxil LOL. . thanks again . .;z
DO NOT WORRY. Although case failures happen in all makes of firearms (you just never know). Glocks are first rate pistols and for what it's worth I believe that the 9mm Glocks are usually the last Glocks to have the "kb!kb!" finger pointed at it.

I feel bad for anyone who has had a major case failure but at the same time I have nothing but the utmost confidence with my G17. These pistols have been through some of the most rugged testing and are worthy of your trust.

I know a guy who had his little Nissan hatchback blow up but I'd still take a ride in one. KB's? Forget about it. Enjoy your awesome pistol. If you look hard enough you can read someone's horror-story about almost anything.

Don't get me started on that time I almost poked my eye out with my

Glock 17
3rd Gen.
Bell 206 BIII
Eurocopter AS350BA
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