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Why do young idiots always ride crotch rockets?

Jesus H. Christ, I was just cruising on the highway. Note that it's a highway and not even an Interstate. The traffic was moderate and we all cruised around 70-MPH. There were two guys (presumably young) on some sort of Jap rice rockets; sounded like liter-bikes, that blew by us so fast that it wasn't even funny. Just from eyeball calibration alone, they were probably doing in excess of 120-MPH and still accelerating judging from the growl of their engines.

I'm not one of those types that prefer sissy scooters. I don't personally care for the crotch rocket types, be they Japanese or Italians, but I do appreciate them as engineering marvels and appreciate the skills of the riders that can do wheelies and scratch their knees while cornering. BUT hauling ass like that in traffic is utterly moronic and it gives motorcyclists a bad name.

Even in my youth, I wasn't that stupid on my Ducati 750 PASO.
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