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M that pup is ADORABLE!!!;f
Ok, this is going to be long so here goes.
We have some options here that you need to decide on, litter box training or taking the little guy outside. With pups this small I prefer to use a litter box inside the house because it makes the dog a little less dependant on you. However if you so choose, you can take him outside.
The procedure is the same and is called “Watch and Confine”. What this means is to keep a leash on him and tie the other end to you (watch) while home and while you are not home (or sleeping) confine him in the crate. Now in order for this to work you must not stray from the plan for the next couple of weeks. Only the dog can decide how long it will take. I would get a hamster sized water bottle and hang that on the crate for him to drink from while being confined so that he will not play, spill his water.
Also the crate is about 2X the size needed (for now) so put something in it to divide it in half. I like plywood and then zip tie it to the sides. The reason being, if the crate is that big he will pee in the front and still be able to lay in the back and not be in “it” and that’s not what we want. Also remove the bedding as that will soak up urine.
The things to remember with puppies are that it takes 2 hours for their body to process water and 4-6 hours for food. So if they drink at 10am by noon they will want to pee so be on the lookout. What we want out of this “Watch and Confine” is for them to tell us they need to go and what happens is they will go in front of us eventually. This is a good thing!!! When this happens give a medium sized NO!! (for the third week progressing into the fourth) and take them (again ON THE LEASH) to where you want them to go. Don’t carry him; make him walk on the leash. By the fourth week he will know where he is allowed to go and therefore step up the tone & volume of the NO when he goes in front of you…
If you modify this plan by not using the leash (normal method used by most people) what you will have is a dog that won’t go in front of you but sneak off in another room or wait for you to leave and then he will leave you a surprise somewhere.
Also food is very important at this stage; I recommend buying the best food you can afford as this will make housebreaking a ton easier.
As for his first week and second week at home go easy and don’t expect too much. Puppies @ 10weeks old have almost no holding power at all so when accidents happen give him an easy no and take him to the appropriate place and once he starts going again give lots of verbal praise. Be careful not to spend too much time with him this week, we don’t want him accustomed to you being around 24/7. Give him a siesta every couple of hours in his crate and don’t let him whine, cry, bark, etc.
Well this should get you started and if you need anything else don’t hesitate to post or pm me. Good luck and keep us updated.
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