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Originally posted by fastvfr
I kept waiting for some farmer's dog to waltz out onto the road in front of the guy in the ebaum video. NEVER do 150+ by the white line. Ever.

Unsafe riders are unsafe at all speeds. Safe riders may drive more quickly than most, but that is because they know what they're doing and do not exceed their skillsets.

My bike is fast. And sometimes I will let it out for a run. But you won't see me splitting lanes and weaving around passing cages on the right (or on the shoulder) just because I can double their top speed.

GSX-MAN, that's a lovely bike. I always liked the look of the 1100XX...but I like VFR's better....

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PS. That isn't my bike, but mine is a red 2001. Mine has been modded quite a bit, and has a far better header/pipe set - and no #%&@ luggage!! I just haven't taken any digital pics of my ride yet.
I was in doubt between the CFR and the CBR when I bought the CBR. Both are great. (but mine's faster )
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