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Natural selection.

God invented natural selection to improve the varied species.
Idiots on crotch rockets merely expidite the process.
Young idiots die before the breed and perpetuate idiocy.

See, the system works just fine.

I started riding as a motor officer in 1969.
The only accident I have ever had was when a woman driving a stolen Mustang struck me at 65 mph when I was at 35mph.
It broke my back and put me down for eight years.

Now after 32+ years as a LEO , I am down for the count in another accident. A severely fractured neck and total disability. Surgery should help with improved mobility soon.

What happened you ask? A slip & fall on duty!

"There ain't no justice 'cept in Heaven; and you ain't in Heaven!"
Len Mattsen
Federal LEO
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