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I have a hard carrying on body because of work. So I too am forced carry in purse the majority of the time. When I can, I carry a Kel-Tel on my ankle. Which I don't really like to do because of the slow reaction time I know I would have. I can't carry on my hip because of the type of work I do, very physical, a lot of bending over, moving parts, etc....

I carry a G19 w/15+2 mag in a Galco carry purse. I really like it. I think my bf paid around $200.00 for it last Christmas. I picked the Galco because it seemed to have the best grade of leather for the price. Most others were $150.00 - $300.00, they looked and felt cheap. I can fit everything I need into it and still have easy access to my gun.

I think Galco actually designed them for revolvers, but the G19 fits nicely. It took some getting used to with the extra weight on my shoulder, but as they's not supposed to be comfortable, it's supposed to be comforting .....when you carry.

Which ever purse you decide on just be sure the straps are nice and thick, you don't want the BG to cut your purse straps and get away with your purse AND your gun.

If you want I can post some pics of the purse with a G19 and a G23 for you to see.
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