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Disabled vets being passed over for federal jobs without notice

I'm wondering if there are any disabled vets (30% or more) in this forum who have been denied a federal job that they've applied for without being notified in advance that the agency was not intending to hire you. If so, this is in violation to the hiring rules specified on the OPM web site.

The rules clearly state that an agency MUST notify a 30% or more disabled vet and the OPM of a proposed pass over. The word "proposed" tells me they are required to notify you before they have already made their selection. The rules also clearly state the final decision is then left up to the OPM whether or not the vet can be passed over.

I know for a fact I have been passed over without being contacted, and I'm willing to bet the agency did not contact the OPM either. This may not sound significant to some, but I think this may be a tool someone trying to obtain federal employment might be able to use against the agency to get hired. I believe the portion of the rules that state that the OPM makes the final decision as to who gets hired is what makes this rule so significant. Agencies who choose to ignore this rule are basically saying "pi$$ on the rules" and are making the final decision themselves. In this case, it could be considered that the vet isn't receiving fair consideration because agencies aren't allowing the OPM to have any part of the decision making process. Has anyone gone this route to get hired?
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