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I guess the concern I have is with the effects of a case failure on the gun and my hand. KB or no is the end result that I am worried about. "Good was the ammo not the gun. Bad news....your right hand is permanently damaged."
I have witnesses a case failure in a Sig P229 in .40.
An ugly sound with flames shooting out of strange places was heard/seen. The magazine flew out of the bottom. That was it. The gun/ammo was checked over, mags reloaded and away it went.
It should be a concern with any polymer framed pistol. Not just Glocks.
I am dying for a 15 round pistol in .357 Sig. The G31 is the only pistol to currently fill that niche.
I am hesitant to buy one.
I carry a G33 from time to time. I had a FFL friend in need who sold it to me NIB for $380. It was hard to pass up.
It never goes to the range with me. I don't want to put a lot of rounds thru it. If I bought a G31 it would be so I could put it into my shooting rotation. I shoot around 1500-2000 rounds a month so it would get a lot of rounds of Federal American Eagle 125 gr FMJ in a year.
15 rounds of .357 Sig is very, very appealing......but in the back of my head I would definitely worry.
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