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New Puppy, what should I expect?

We are the proud owners of a 6 week old Black lab. I have a question about what to expect with potty training at night.

We have only had him a couple of days. The first night, we tried to leave him in his crate all night without taking him out to potty. He unded up going in his crate.
Last night I would get up and let him out when he would start to bark/cry. I let him out at about 11:30 am, 2:30 am, 4:30 am. The first two times, I stayed up and played for a few minutes after bringing him back in the house. (he is pretty good about going outside or at least trying to make it until then) At the 4:30 potty break, I was exhausted and thought I would just put him right back in the crate with a treat and try to get a couple more hours sleep. He would have none of that. My wife got up and let him out to play for a little while and put him back in the crate after about 20 minutes and all was well.
My major question is: Are we doing the right thing? and how long until we could expect him to go all night without needing to go outside?
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