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if it looks to good to be true---------------

You've heard the old saying that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Well, it has been proved many times, once by me.

In Korea, in 1961, I was supporting the Fourth Cav on a field exercise, north of the 38th parallel. When I started out on one of these adventures I stopped by our warehouse, being 33rd quartermaster we had warehouses, and loaded up with C-rations, and whatever goodies I could scrounge up for trade material. Being totally self suffecient in the field, I sort of went where I wanted and did what I wanted.

One day The unit was settling in for the night in those positions determined to be defenseable. Since defense positions are usually ugly I went looking for better lodging.

Picture it: stand of cherry trees, babbling brook, shade trees, all in a beautiful meadow, and not occupied by a bunch of officers. There I settled in for the night.

Then, about two or three o'clock in the morning my world exploded. My truck jumped straight up in the air, all the canvas came un-snapped, and one door flew open. It was then that I discovered I had parked not far enough down range, and about thirty beneath the muzzle of a 280mm atomic cannon, and they chose that time to pop off a round.

It's one of the reasons I am not impressed by the muzzle blast of any rifle or pistol.

I used to go to the artillery demonstrations at Ft Sill, Ok, and they would fire Atomic Annie. The target was 1800 yards in front of the muzzle. The round made a continuous dust bunny from the gun to the target. Course, for that gun 1800 yards was point blank shooting.
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